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This was pretty amazing

This is pretty great

Love the pure action. These kinda movies get a bad rep but the break neck pace is like crack. Nice work.

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Very cool adaptation of the game from the show! Feels cool to finally play it. You did well capturing the melancholic nature of it. Though movement feels a bit odd, and wait times between city growth is a little awkward, I found myself going through repeat plays due to the almost puzzle like nature of finding city clusters to build up and burn down while respecting the ratio of the population.

Really interesting stuff, plus you managed to keep it pretty simple and intuitive, awesome work!

SilverwareGames responds:

Thanks! It mostly came from the design in the show which we thought was a good description and it actually turned into a good game.

This is pretty cool and plays pretty well. I'd love to come back once the campaign mode is in!

Tough as hell, but I guess even that's true to the NES aesthetic! As an RE4 fan I feel like this is something I'd see fan art of and always wish it was real, but in this case it's actually real. Love the art and the choices of RE4 assets to include. Well done!

Gypopothomas responds:

Thanks a lot, man! Bloody loved that teaser video you did for it!

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This fucking rocks

funkmeisterfish responds:

thanks! lol :----)))) im working on a more polished version soon

It's an amazing song, your ear for ripe sounding instrumental notes and beat is absolutely A+, however I do feel it's a bit repetitive, which I noticed with a few of your songs. If there was a tad more variety, these would be near undisputed tracks

You are one of the few dudes consistently making real hip hop and putting the Olskool tag to use. Keep it up man, I love it all. I feel like you're on the cusp of making the most banger tracks to exist on the site.

Zooloo75 responds:

Thanks, that means a lot to me!

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Fun sketches, I like her day dream about aliens blasting the earth with a giant laser.

Really incredible stuff, the perspective gives it insane scope, and the embers give it a sweet sense of motion. The colors add a great lot too along with the stellar line art. This is too great

Yeah this is crazy great, the colors contrast so well but also fit and jell perfectly. Love those eyes

Go ahead. Slip it in.

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