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This is a great take, haha, nice work!!!

Anakin getting sliced is hilarious, so is him askin to get moved from the lava. This is a great one

what a fucking journey. love this shit

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For just a one room affair that was pretty badass. Aside from small tweaks there's not much I would change, the core is damn solid. Nice work!

PolyStation2 responds:

Thanks for playing, much appreciated!

Damn, that was fantastic. Sad when it ended! The visuals and sound effects were crisp, and the controls were tight and response. That plus the simple to use and difficult to master mechanics of the game make me wish the levels pushed my reflexes and use of the game's offering further, and it'd of had INSANE replayability if the API was integrated so I could compare my time to other players and fight for a speedrun spot on a high score board. All n all, loved it

Interesting stuff, it definitely was a tranquil experience. These are themes I've considered before, but I appreciate how they've been tempered into a soothing experience. I wish there was a bit more too it, but I think the exact amount there is fits the narrative. Nice work

maruki responds:

Thank you for the review, I'm happy to know my writing with those themes worked out nicely.

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Dude? What the hell, this was pretty good. Have you ever tried reaching out to an audio portal hip hop musician to get permission to rap using on of their songs as a backing track? I'd like to see the results

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks man. :) I have indeed! There's some previous work like that; a few on route, though really hope to start doing a lot more of this. Time's the thing.

genuinely kickass

This is some kick ass stuff right here, love it

DanJohansen responds:

Glad you did man, ROCK ON!

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Pretty badass, great lighting. The way it seems to build upwards infinitely adds to the horrific vibe

This is frickin epic as all hell, handsome fusion devil on the loose

I adore seeing your take on this classic shot! You nailed it

ndasfw responds:

Thanks so much! I love the design of all these characters, there simply isn't enough fanart of them, much less of them all hanging out together!

Go ahead. Slip it in.

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