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Absolutely amazing! Everything about this was amazing, felt great to play, mechanics worked well and were clever, art was great (recognized Strad instantly!) and best of all it was FUN. Hard to believe it was made in 48 hours with all the charm jam packed in, and clever methodical level layouts. The presentation is top notch, even with the comments section being utilized with the sprites mixed in. You guys knocked it out of the park

milkbarjack responds:

Thanks a bunch! It was really great to work with Strad, we all had a lot of fun working on this together.
I should clarify that some of the stuff in-game was added post-jam -- nothing major, the most significant addition was the points system. No new levels, art, or animation assets were created or added, they've all been the same from the start.
Regardless I'm really happy with the amount of stuff we were able to pack into those brief 48 hours, and I'm even more happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Thank you!

damn, there's some stuff in here even I didn't know. Playing a quiz game like this sure is nostalgic, though I really wish it had lives or something. Redo-ing everything to get back to an answer upwards of 3 times kinda chaps my ass, but hey, 4 stars simply for nostalgia and being NG-centric

Got to level 47, and that was fun as hell. Your games are always addictive, you seems to just really understand this stuff well. Presentation was polish and good looking, music was nice, gameplay was spot on, you just nailed it. I just wish it had medals and a leaderboard.

not only are all the individual pieces just incredible, but the overall presentation is so slick and polished. It just feels good to scroll around on here, search for medals, and play the puzzle game. Listenin to cool music n admiring NG, this has gotta be one of my new favorite things on the site. And I got to be in it!!! Sweetness!!!

Sevi responds:

This is nice. I get compliments like this all the time when I make stuff and it fucking rules. It didn't give me a thick dick but it has made me a better artist and has made me think more about what I was doing, it just rulz.
The fact that all the people patting you on the back for this are old school-newgrounds types speaks volumes. You can use this thread to pretend it’s all in good fun, because it is fun, it’s AWESOME. It's so good it hurts.
(I hope people get the reference, otherwise I look like such a conceited cunt lol)

Everything plays smooth, is intuitive, all the sprites and sfx indicate everything clearly. Nice level layout, punishment is well balanced, all around solid. The art is charming, and the small touches like the opening animation, and the spikes bouncing go a long way. And needless to say, the music is great, charming and bouncy like the best of niche SNES platformers. Solid.

Legitimately made me laugh multiple times. Except for during the Matarael fight

Man, this is pretty haunting and beautiful at the same time. I hope the real story it's inspired by went well, and anywhich way I think it's nice that you made this game. It definitely taught me something and I think it'll do the same for a lot of people.

Played til I got the 'Hope' ending, didn't encounter any bugs. Nice and great music.

PS: I also wish you could date the best friend

For just a one room affair that was pretty badass. Aside from small tweaks there's not much I would change, the core is damn solid. Nice work!

PolyStation2 responds:

Thanks for playing, much appreciated!

Damn, that was fantastic. Sad when it ended! The visuals and sound effects were crisp, and the controls were tight and response. That plus the simple to use and difficult to master mechanics of the game make me wish the levels pushed my reflexes and use of the game's offering further, and it'd of had INSANE replayability if the API was integrated so I could compare my time to other players and fight for a speedrun spot on a high score board. All n all, loved it

Interesting stuff, it definitely was a tranquil experience. These are themes I've considered before, but I appreciate how they've been tempered into a soothing experience. I wish there was a bit more too it, but I think the exact amount there is fits the narrative. Nice work

maruki responds:

Thank you for the review, I'm happy to know my writing with those themes worked out nicely.

Go ahead. Slip it in.


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