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Man, this is pretty haunting and beautiful at the same time. I hope the real story it's inspired by went well, and anywhich way I think it's nice that you made this game. It definitely taught me something and I think it'll do the same for a lot of people.

Played til I got the 'Hope' ending, didn't encounter any bugs. Nice and great music.

PS: I also wish you could date the best friend

For just a one room affair that was pretty badass. Aside from small tweaks there's not much I would change, the core is damn solid. Nice work!

PolyStation2 responds:

Thanks for playing, much appreciated!

Damn, that was fantastic. Sad when it ended! The visuals and sound effects were crisp, and the controls were tight and response. That plus the simple to use and difficult to master mechanics of the game make me wish the levels pushed my reflexes and use of the game's offering further, and it'd of had INSANE replayability if the API was integrated so I could compare my time to other players and fight for a speedrun spot on a high score board. All n all, loved it

Interesting stuff, it definitely was a tranquil experience. These are themes I've considered before, but I appreciate how they've been tempered into a soothing experience. I wish there was a bit more too it, but I think the exact amount there is fits the narrative. Nice work

maruki responds:

Thank you for the review, I'm happy to know my writing with those themes worked out nicely.

Very cool adaptation of the game from the show! Feels cool to finally play it. You did well capturing the melancholic nature of it. Though movement feels a bit odd, and wait times between city growth is a little awkward, I found myself going through repeat plays due to the almost puzzle like nature of finding city clusters to build up and burn down while respecting the ratio of the population.

Really interesting stuff, plus you managed to keep it pretty simple and intuitive, awesome work!

SilverwareGames responds:

Thanks! It mostly came from the design in the show which we thought was a good description and it actually turned into a good game.

This is pretty cool and plays pretty well. I'd love to come back once the campaign mode is in!

Tough as hell, but I guess even that's true to the NES aesthetic! As an RE4 fan I feel like this is something I'd see fan art of and always wish it was real, but in this case it's actually real. Love the art and the choices of RE4 assets to include. Well done!

Gypopothomas responds:

Thanks a lot, man! Bloody loved that teaser video you did for it!

This is fucking awesome.

I learned the secret moves and played for an hour and half and. couldn't. fucking. Beat. IT. If you like cruel games* (*torture methods), then this is the end all be all for you. 5 out of 5 fucking stars for making me use up my whole night with the end results being me wanting to smash my fucking monitor in.

I love the art! Gameplay is a little basic but the theme of being in the computer was neat. I only wish it was a bit faster and had music

Go ahead. Slip it in.

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