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Always around but not always in town [SHORTS ON VINE]

Posted by PhantomArcade - September 21st, 2016

Once again, pretty glad everyone enjoyed the latest cartoon. Newgrounds community is the absolute best, and my favorite. All of my biggest and best projects will be posted here first and foremost, though I usually don't post small stuff on here.


SO THAT BEING SAID: I hope anyone who enjoys my stuff is keeping an eye on the Phantom Arcade Vine account, where I take time to make [mentally devoid] shorts inbetween my larger projects.

Phantom Arcade Vine

Once I have enough footage for a big ol meaty video, you can expect it to be put into a large compilation on here (Newgrounds, duh)! Though some vines will be exclusive to the account, and others will be exclusive to the compilation, so all around, there's shit to look forward to in both. Also there's a lot more full length cartoons, collaborative works, and secret stuff in the making, so stay tuned and I'll keep the updates flowing on here and Twitter.


PS: Mad appreciation to those who share and comment on my stuff. It's what keeps things swingin', long n hard.


Comments (5)

That Mii one gave me a really good laugh hahah, cool vines dude!
PS I love you

Thanks dude, been enjoying your voice work. Especially in Doggy Business.
PS I luv u mor

Vine is dead what the heck get with the program mister

:( Yeah I need a new news post soon

I thought Vines got white-listed by Tom... why not try and stick a few in a new blog?

Hopefully we'll see em all plus some more unseen stuff in a new full cartoon soon enough!

Hey just wanna let you know that Metal Gear Awesome 3 is fucking awful; Egoraptor's voice acting quality (Or really, lackthereof) proves how he doesn't give a shit anymore, and is ultimately a lazy hack looking for a free ride without contributing anything substantial to society as a whole. The jokes sucked, and it was too damn short, the latter-most of which might ultimately have been a good thing; no one in their right mind would want to watch 5 minutes of that garbage.

In summation: The cartoon is awful and you should feel bad. Eat a dick.

Hey man just wanted to say really sweet work on the background!

Thanks man, Merry Christmas!